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Photo by Catherine Catterson

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Photo by Catherine Catterson

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I love making videos and putting them to music. I feel that the visual experience is just as important as the music itself. They both speak to my soul, but in different ways. 

More videos will be added to my channel. Come back and visit, and enjoy a new adventure from my perspective.




Photo By: Catherine Catterson

Hey, it's me. Catherine Catterson.
I'm just a girl from Oregon...

I was born in California. Even though my parents moved to Oregon when I was a baby, my soul lives for sunshine and warm beaches.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest has provided me with so many adventures. I was raised on Classical music, and we didn't have a television. It gave me the opportunity to use my imagination. I've always had a song in my heart, and a piano to make it come to life.


I'm a tomboy, and always have been. I still love to climb trees, catch frogs, and work on cars. I'm not afraid of hard work, getting dirty, and love taking things apart to see how they work.


Growing up as the shy girl was hard for me. I learned very early on, that poetry and music expressed the things that I didn't have the guts to say out loud. Even though I cringe at some of my early works, I've seen how those thoughts have evolved into something so much more complex...  Those raw emotions are still there, but they're refined now. And it's magical. 

I'm a musician first, a photographer second, and just about everything else in between. My interests are so vast and varied, that I can't even begin to list them all. But, it always comes back to the music. I discovered along the way, that much of my music creates a calming effect... something that I needed very much... not only as the creator, but as the listener too. Meditative music isn't the only type of music I create, far from it, and some of those pieces will show up in here as well.


Thank you for your support. Thank you for listening! I would be forever grateful for your shares! 

Photo By: Catherine Catterson

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Never give up hope. Change your perspective, and you'll find a way.

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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